Liberal Wolves in Sheep's Clothing

All liberals are church-hating atheists out to sabotage God-fearing people, right?

Wrong. If only they were that easy to spot.

While Howard Dean may think that Republicans consist of a “white Christian party,” the truth is that liberal activists have always been a part of the church, twisting Biblical truths and bringing confusion into sanctuaries meant to grant peace of mind. They whisper words “sweet as honey and smooth as oil” into the ears of unassuming believers.

These liberal wolves in sheep’s clothing are probably the most threatening to conservative Christians. They aren’t protesting across the streets from our chapels. They aren’t funding works of “art” that defile the cross of Christ with urine. They aren’t even sitting in the back row of the church, waiting to take a cigarette break during communion. They are often well respected within the church community. They are the ones teaching your child’s Sunday school class. They are the ones leading weekly Bible studies. They may even be ministers, claiming to preach the Word of God. But what message are they bringing? Have they come to preach the good news of Christ or the good news according to Al Sharpton?

The church tries to train young Christians in sound Biblical doctrine, but they grow up. They go to college, where professors of religious studies teach liberal theology in an academic setting. They present absolute truths as options, open for dialogue and discussion. The Bible becomes nothing but a historical text, open for interpretation and thus vulnerable to cultural changes. Students are mocked or labeled old fashioned for considering the inherency of scripture. It’s a clever strategy, actually. If liberals can strip all of the passion and relevance from Christianity, then there’s no justification to follow its principles.

Instead of using the Bible as a foundation of morality or a manual on how to live our lives, the sacred book becomes a tool of the left agenda. Teachings that have been established for hundreds of years are suddenly called into question. Perhaps David and Jonathon were more than just friends. Maybe Christ didn’t really die on the cross, but “swooned” until he revived in the tomb. And in case you missed this one–the ancient Judaic way of life described in the New Testament provides a case for Socialism.

The church needs to lead its people with truth and clarity. This means actively condemning teachings that do not align with scripture. That’s not being close-minded. It’s protecting a faith tradition that has withstood the social, cultural, and political changes for hundreds of years. Isn’t that what conservatives do– preserve what we know to be true? Let’s stop humoring hollow philosophy and boldly condemn these teachings for what they are– lies.