Soros Can't Counter Campus Conservatives

News media reports from meetings organized by billionaire George Soros say he and some rich allies are now funding groups intended to counter the efforts on college campuses of the Leadership Institute and other conservative educational organizations.

Although Soros and his allies hope through their spending to increase the effectiveness of the left on campus, I do not fear that activities they bankroll will significantly increase the left’s campus influence.  Nor can Soros stop the growth of campus conservative activities.

My Leadership Institute’s Campus Leadership Program, for example, grew its number of active, independent, conservative campus groups from 216 in September 2004 to 437 groups in May 2005.  And Institute graduates have created 32 new conservative student publications already in 2005.

The Institute will send 27 field staff out to visit all 50 states this fall, and I expect them to increase the number of active conservative student groups by at least 300.

George Soros and his wealthy friends cannot write checks big enough to increase significantly the resources the left already spends on American college campuses.

Not all college professors and administrators are leftists, but the great majority of the politically active ones are, as Dan Flynn’s “Deep Blue Campuses” proved. 

Take all the money which pays the salaries of leftist professors and administrators.  Add the money spent on the leftist, official student newspapers.  Add the college funds and the compulsory student fee money spent to bring off-campus leftists to speak during the school year and at graduation ceremonies.

Then add in all the compulsory student activity fees money poured into leftist student organizations.  And the support national left-wing organizations pour into support of the vast array of campus leftist groups.

The total has to be many billions every year.

George Soros, billionaire though he is, can’t write checks of that magnitude.  Neither can his wealthy allies.

They can spend a lot, especially if compared to what LI and other conservative foundations spend on campus.  But their spending won’t have much more effect than pouring a bucket of water into Lake Michigan.

If you study how Soros affected the political situation in other countries, you will see that in every case he supported political insurgents against repressive regimes.  In all those cases, he found it easy to identify and fund dissidents morally indignant against the abuses of those in power.

American college campuses certainly are now a fertile field for the kinds of activities which proved successful for Soros in the past.  But now he’s on the wrong side, and conservatives are on the right side.

On U.S. campuses, those with the power are almost everywhere abusive leftists.  Those who chafe under the bias and persecution on campus have a big moral edge, particularly when trained and organized conservative students shine spotlights on the abuses.

Students appreciate cleverness, but they react negatively to unfairness when it is skillfully called to their attention.

Conservatives have moral indignation on our side regarding the leftist abuses on campus.  Moral indignation is highly contagious, so powerful that it tends to sweep aside everything else.  That is why, in almost every case, a three-pronged strategy of public relations, political heat, and legal responses wins against leftist abuses on campus.

George Soros achieved spectacular results when he funded highly motivated political insurgents against all the massive resources of repressive, socialist regimes.

American campuses today are dominated by repressive, socialist regimes.

Leftists believe that any conservative presence on campus is too much, even though the resources of time, talent, and money available for campus conservative activity are still minuscule compared to those of the left.

 Yet conservatives are making great progress.  Once again it’s David vs. Goliath.  Conservatives have achieved a lot on campus, but barely begun to fight.  We shall achieve a lot more as our resources continue to grow.

Soros funded David against the Soviet empire.  That worked.  Now he’s funding Goliath on campus.  That won’t work.