Liberal Elitists Block Victory Against Terrorism

It would have been hard to imagine in 2001, when the U.S. began responding to Islamic terrorism, that one of the most difficult battles of the war would be overcoming the legal landmines laid by domestic liberals on behalf of the enemy.

Amidst ambushes from terrorists in Iraq, our soldiers jeopardize their lives by hesitating prior to shooting, wondering, first, whether their self-defense will result in domestic liberal groups calling for their court martial or censure.

Captured detainees withhold vital intelligence knowing that their release depends not on their willingness to cooperate but the ACLU legal brief demanding their freedom.

Interrogators, border police, and those in charge of deporting Islamic sleeper cell-mates plotting our destruction work with both hands tied behind their back due to intimidation from the “high-sounding” Center for Constitutional Rights and other mushrooming “humanitarian” groups consisting of three people, a fax machine, and a wealthy Leftwing sugar-daddy.

At every turn in the war, our home-grown U.S. haters have used their treasure chests, positions, and talents to miscast our country, soldiers and law enforcement as the aggressor while portraying the enemy as victim. Considerable more “civil rights” and benefit of the doubt is extended to the enemy than our own elected officials, soldiers, and law-abiding citizens. This has emboldened the enemy and is prolonging the war.

Never are Islamofacists called racists; that term is reserved for “profilers” in the police department simply doing their job or innocent Americans unafraid to point to the ideological source of today’s jihadism. This has left us less protected

Again, out of fear of the Left, we have purposely mislabeled this war. The term War on Terror is an inaccurate and faint description of what this war is about. Out of political correctness we have punted the truth.

Terrorism is but a method to achieve a goal. Our fight in World War II was not with the method of attack called Blitzkreig. It was not a war against blitzkreigism but Nazism, the ideology that used blitzkrieg. Similarly, our war is against Jihadism and Radical Islam, the ideology that uses terrorism to achieve its goal of world-wide domination. Like Nazism and Communism, Jihadism is imperialistic in its desire to sublimate all — country and people — to its hegemony.

Just ask the terrorists why they are killing and suicide bombing. They will not say they are dying in the cause of terrorism, rather for Allah, for the Koran, for Wahhabi Islam — to destroy the infidel.

This may be the first time in history where an enemy has declared a war in behalf of a particular ideology and the other side refuses to acknowledge that fact. But, after all, this is the first time in history that one side has been infected by severe political correctness, a cultural marxism that never recognizes evil in those wishing to destroy us but only in those wishing to preserve our unique American culture and nationalism.

The consequence of all this political correctness is dire. For a populace to support a war for a prolonged period, it must feel its homeland is directly threatened or apprehend an enemy motivated by an ideology calling for imminent arrival onto her shores for the purpose of destruction and upheaval. Failure to spotlight this ideology and call it by its name, leaves people complacent, exclaiming: What, me worry!

If the jihadists are not motivated by an ideology wishing to impose their Islam over Europe and America, then they are simply rogue criminals of a grander scale than Bonnie and Clyde who enjoyed terrorizing small-town America or the pirates who terrorized the Seven Seas. But we all know that what is at play here is something cosmic, not simply the actions of “bad guys.”

We were victorious during WW II because daily we were fighting a concrete, named enemy: Germany, Hitler, Nazism, and the German people supportive of the above. In contrast, today, those who show the face of the enemy are called racists. Consequently, we have chosen to call it not what it is — a war against radical Islam — but a war against terrorism, a raceless entity.

Though in all other investigations, evidence, history, and “most-likely” are the tools used to stop the next likely perpetrator, today’s political correctness labels such common sense detective work as “profiling” — the latest concoction of racism. Better to remain less protected and maybe die than to be a profiler or be called a racist. That is how silly we’ve become. Silly people do not, over the long run, win wars.

Though a great admirer of President Bush and aware that no other politico in the constellation would have waged a war as vigorously as he, the President has shown –through his constant reference to “Islam as a Religion of Peace” — that he is sometimes a child of modern day, 60s liberalism with its need for leveling and evenness, i.e., all religions are the same.

This leads to false conclusions: Mohamed is Jesus, Jesus is Mohamed — they all equally espouse love, universal brotherhood, peace. Nothing to worry about. In other words, the terrorists can’t really be acting in behalf of Islam or the Koran for, after all, Islam is but a Religion of Peace.  Why are all these non-Muslim Western leaders defining Islam for all the Moslems of the world?

No wonder there is no active movement — even here in the U.S. — by other Moslems to expel the radicals from their midst and stop this once and for all. They have been exonerated and relieved of responsibility by no less than President Bush’s words.

Though for forty years the multiculturalists have insisted that every culture is unique and inheres distinctiveness, multiculturalists have suddenly become monoculturalists insisting that Islam is but Judaism and Christianity in a headscarf.

It is not morality but Leftist ideology which is behind every roadblock placed by the Left against the War On Jihadism. The elitists in our culture indict our soldiers while exusing the Islamic insurgents because cultural marxists maintain the powerful are always “oppressors” while the less powerful are noble. (The only exception to their rule is, of course, their own power.) Moreover, their allegiance has never been to America or Americans first, but universalism. They simply live and get rich here!

They pontificate for the human rights of others — especially the enemy — more than for our own because that highlights, in their mind, how much more noble they are than the rest of us — morally superior to you and me.

In the eye of the cultural marxist, only Westerners — White Christian Westerners — can be guilty of racism, not, however, Islamicists, even at the moment they are preaching and practicing undeniable, virulent racism. Somehow that racism is neither organic nor religious/cultural, but “caused by us, our fault.”

Such is the calculated formula designed to weaken American resolve — taint our motives as always racist while silencing those who bring to light the racism of the other side. Worse, accuse those who highlight the other side’s blatant racism as: racists. Obviously, for the Left, racism is not a human concern but a selective political tool used to condemn and confuse us – to diminish our belief in ourselves.

Curiously, the same groups who self-righteously exhort that the support for Wahhabism among 250 million Moslems indicates nothing about Islam’s current trend, condemn 120 million Faith-based American Christians as “ abortion clinic bombers” because of the acts of 3 people — 3 out of 120 million. Truth be told, what is at work here is not simply intellectual hypocrisy but naked bigotry. A bigotry, by cultural marxists, against those perceived as “too American” — too Christian.

A nation can not win a war unless it is willing to die for itself qua nation. Nationalism. But how can one rally in the name of nationalism given that since WW II the Left has effectively categorized nationalism as taboo. Religion is another of the few transcendent forces for which people will mightily sacrifice and even die. Another is heritage. Here again, the cultural marxists have been successful in labeling as “ chauvinistic” those in love with our specific American heritage and denying that ours is a culture and nation founded on and made prosperous because of a specific religious ethos: the Judeo-Christian.

There is no doubt that in its goal to transform America and with its vision toward a socialist universalism, the cultural marxists have attacked the three pillars:(1) nationalism,  (2) historic Americanism (culture), and (3) Judeo-Christianism (religion). Indeed, much of Western Europe may indeed fall to Islam given that it has almost shed itself from nationalism and serious Christianity and the mettle it arouses.

As before with racism, the Left excuses and finds admirable in Islam what it finds detestable when practiced by Westerners. One need only look at the outcry from the Left regarding alleged mistreatment of Korans at Gitmo in contrast to how they portray our Bible as mean-spirited and dangerous. The respect and reverence they accord devout Muslims is absent when confronting Evangelicals and Orthodox Jews. Understanding and concurrence is provided every time Arabs speak of their need to keep and conquer “Islamic territories” — something called greedy or imperialistic when involving America or Israel. Whereas in the West or Israel, liberals label nationalism “dangerous,” Pan Arabic nationalism is viewed as significant. The upshot: More value is assigned to Islam than our own culture. If so, Why fight?

The cultural marxists see in the promotion of Islam within America and the West yet another multicultural avenue to dilute and denude America of its historic Americanism. Their quest for Open Borders — again, labeling those opposed as racist — is the latest drive to destroy the concept of American sovereignty, sovereignty being the last obstacle to the internationalism they wish to institute and enforce.

In their hubris, they view Islam as the latest expedient, a pawn in their deculturalizing mission — where it is, really, they who are pawns of the Crescent, with the rest of us suffering the horrible, irreversible consequences.

The longer political correctness prevails in our culture, the longer will be this war, for cultural Leftism is the single greatest impediment to our victory. It weakens us. We will not be able to win the war against Islamic imperialism until we defeat the liberal cultural imperialists, the wealthy elitists controlling our media, academies, and institutions and with it shaping our culture and priorities.

If the War on Jihadism will awaken us to the crimes these dangerous elitists have committed against our culture and civilization and rouse us to their defeat, then we will have achieved a double victory: we will have destroyed the enemy from without and the societal wrecking balls from within.