We??¢â???¬â???¢re at War and the Left Plays Word Games

It’s only a three-letter word, but since the left gets confused over the two-letter variety, their being clueless over what “war” means is no surprise. They also can’t fathom that a megaton of munitions are enough to cause mass destruction.

In a likely futile attempt to educate the modern liberal, here is a brief glossary:

“WMDs” – Devices that will kill large numbers of people at one time. They don’t have to be of the NBC variety (as shown on 9/11 and almost shown in the first WTC bombing where a conventional explosive could have toppled one tower into the other). Our armed forces have found a megaton of WMDs so far in Iraq.

“Losing the war” – What happens to any armed force that is foolish enough to provoke the US into a conflict. There is only one type of attack that the US military is vulnerable to: incessant bombing by our own main-stream-media and liberal congressmembers. Chuck Hagel get a clue.

“Won’t filibuster the President’s nominees” – This means ALL nominees. Making a deal not to filibuster and then breaking it for Ambassador John Bolton is called a “lie.”

“War” – A large-scale conflict against an enemy that wants to destroy your country and kill you and everyone you know. Jihadists don’t care how “enlightened” you think you are. In fact your endorsement of pornographic “art” and “entertainment,” promotion of homosexual “marriage” and defense of teen sex puts YOU at the top of their kill list.

“Extraordinary circumstances” – Conditions that require especially insightful or heroic response. The current conflict we find ourselves in is a good example. (See “War”) It is not related to what should be normal Senate responsibility.

“Is” – Talk to Bill. He wrote the book on this one.

Wake up you latter-day Neros, you America-bashing navel-gazers! We’re fighting a mindset and an ideology that still blames us for the crusades. Our war against radical Islamofascists adds nothing to a 1000-year sea of resentment and hatred. In fact, it’s the only antidote.

So while our military dispatches those that would gladly die to kill us all, and uncovers the equivalent of 100 Hiroshima bombs in Iraq, the left plays word games and faults President Bush for not finding the types of weapons the left hoped we wouldn’t find anyway. If we did, they’d hurt themselves scrambling for another excuse to side with our enemies.

We had our share of isolationists and peaceniks before WWII, but after the sneak attack of that era, the country united and remained that way until we achieved total victory. Today’s liberals just can’t seem to understand that they’re not immune from the wrath of fanatics and that a strong military, a decisive leader and a united United States is the only thing preserving their cowardly lives. As Ann Coulter famously said, “Nuclear annihilation can’t be confined to the outer boroughs.”

The left is not just whistling past the graveyard – they’re posturing.