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His Own Words?

Sen. Joe Biden (D.-Del.), a likely 2008 presidential candidate, is following the tradition of other politicians, penning a book about his years in office. In a press release, publisher Random House boasted: ?¢â??¬???Biden, in writing his first book, will tell the story of his remarkable 30-year career in the United States Senate–from journeyman days as a 29-year-old senator too young to be sworn in, to his rise to become one of the most powerful Democrats.?¢â??¬  Biden was forced to end a presidential bid in 1988 after, as the Washington Post reported it at the time, he ?¢â??¬???acknowledged he had plagiarized in a paper he submitted while a first-year law student in 1965?¢â??¬  and had failed to cite then-British Labor Party leader Neil Kinnock when he used a passage from one of Kinnock?¢â??¬â??¢s speeches in one of his own.

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