Bolton Recess Appointment:

The White House signaled for the first time this week that President Bush might well install John Bolton as U.S. ambassador to the UN when Congress leaves town for its month-long August vacation. Bush’s spokesman, Scott McClellan, told reporters Monday: “In terms of recess appointments, there have been times when the President has used that authority that he has to get people in place that have waited far too long to get about doing their business. And I think that’s the way that he approaches it, that there are important priorities we’re working to advance, and it’s important to have people in certain positions. And if the Senate fails to act and move forward on those nominees, then sometimes there comes a point where the President has needed to fill that in a timely manner by recessing those nominees.† Bolton’s confirmation has been stalled by Democrats nearly five months since Bush tapped him for the post on March 7.