Bill Frist: Treat Roberts With 'Dignity, Respect'

(The following is a statement issued by Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist on Tuesday about the nomination of John G. Roberts, Jr., to the Supreme Court.)

Tonight, after a bipartisan and unprecedented consultation process, President Bush will announce the nomination of Judge John G. Roberts, Jr. as Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States.?????   I commend the president on his choice.?????   Judge Roberts is the kind of outstanding nominee that will make America proud.?????   He embodies the qualities America expects in a justice on its highest court ??¢â???¬" someone who is fair, intelligent, impartial and committed to faithfully interpreting the Constitution and the law.

As we look ahead, the Senate now must fulfill its constitutional duty to provide advice and consent on a Supreme Court nomination.?????   For the majority of Senators, this will be a new process.?????   As Majority Leader, I urge my fellow Senators to join me in making sure the process is fair, that we treat Judge Roberts with dignity and respect, and that we have an up or down vote on Judge Roberts??¢â???¬â???¢ nomination before the Supreme Court begins its new term on October 3.?????  

I look forward to welcoming Judge Roberts to the Senate tomorrow and congratulate him on his nomination to the Supreme Court.