Defending Gitmo:

A few weak Republicans have joined Democrats in attacking the U.S. prison for terrorists at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Sen. Chuck Hagel (R.-Neb.), a likely 2008 GOP presidential candidate, has criticized the treatment of prisoners and Sen. Mel Martinez (R.-Fla.) has attacked the prison as “an icon for bad stories.” Now the Bush Administration is fighting back.

Vice President Cheney told Fox News: “The important thing here to understand is that the people that are at Guantanamo are bad people.” Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld noted that more is spent on meals for detainees–meeting their “religious dietary requirements”–than on rations for U.S. troops. “Arguably, no detention facility in the history of warfare has been more transparent or received more scrutiny than Guantanamo,” said Rumsfeld.