Social Marxist Moves Up University Ladder

A radical left-wing professor will now exert even more influence upon students at Brooklyn College in New York. According to the Christian news outfit, Agape Press, Dr. Timothy Shortell was recently elected by his colleagues to chair Brooklyn College’s Sociology Department.

Why should his promotion concern you? Professor Shortell, a raging social-Marxist, refers to religious people as “an ugly, violent lot,” “moral retards,” and compares faith to “a child-like rationality.” These statements were written by the professor and appeared on a website called On Dr. Shortell’s own website he says, “I am proud to be among a group of intellectuals who have argued for a free, secular society, including Voltaire, Marx, Freud, Bertrand Russell, Mark Twain, Richard Dawkins and many others.” He goes on to say, “I remain convinced that humanity would be better off without religion.” As chairman of Brooklyn College’s Sociology Department, you can just imagine the educational agenda Prof. Shortell will encourage his colleagues to advance in the classroom.   

The promoted professor is now attempting to calm the fears of those alarmed by his new position. On June 5th Dr. Shortell posted a statement on his website explaining that he can separate his political views from his teaching responsibilities. A portion of that post reads, “Just like any competent adult, I can switch roles when necessary. I know when I am playing the role of political actor and when I am playing the role of teacher.” Despite Prof. Shortell’s best effort to properly portray his intentions, do not be fooled by this “Marx-ucator” (one who uses his role as an educator to preach a Marxist agenda). Referring back to his published piece at, Dr. Shortell says:

“Can there be any doubt that humanity would be better off without religion? Everyone who appreciates the good, the true and the beautiful has a duty to challenge this social poison at every opportunity. It is not enough to be irreligious; we must use our critique to expose religion for what it is: sanctimonious nonsense.”

Prof. Shortell’s candid comments reveal his true objectives. Forget about receiving a well-rounded education within Brooklyn College’s Sociology Department. Prof. Shortell will use his new post as a bully pulpit – an opportunity to indoctrinate students with his left-wing dogma.

Although Human Events attempted to question administrators at Brooklyn College on Dr. Shortell’s promotion, no one from the school responded to our inquiries, including Dr. Shortell.

The new head of the sociology department doesn’t limit his left-wing lunacy to topics of religion. Dr. Shortell refers to President Bush as “Criminal-In-Chief” on his website. One post titled, “Fraud Watch” says, “Someone really ought to do a comparative study of this administration and the propaganda techniques of Nazi Germany. Karl Rove owes a lot to Joseph Goebbels.”

In another post titled, “The Silver Lining?” Dr. Shortell says, “Almost everything I’ve seen since the election has led to the feeling that I’d better start packing my bags and looking for a job in Canada.”

Prof. Shortell then goes on to cite a post by another writer who says, “Luckily for America, old people die. If we can maintain our edge with young voters and hold on to those we’ve got as they get older, the right wing revolution will come to an end four years from now.”

Given Prof. Shortell’s own words and his endorsement of liberalizing our nation’s youth, do you really think he will stay true to his word and keep his politics out of the classroom? I don’t!

It’s too bad Prof. Shortell didn’t pack his bags and head north of the boarder after Bush’s re-election. It would have been a win-win situation for everyone. Hundreds of students at Brooklyn College wouldn’t have their minds corrupted by a left-wing lunatic, not to mention, Prof. Shortell would have fit right-in with our socialist friends to the north. In fact, the sociology professor has a striking resemblance to Canadian comedian Tom Green – no offense to Mr. Green

Despite their twin-like appearances, these two jokers may have more in common than just looks. Tom Green’s role in society is that of a comedian, and he shouldn’t be taken too seriously. Meanwhile, Prof. Shortell’s new role as chairman of the sociology department is comical in of itself, and students at Brooklyn College shouldn’t take him too seriously either.

What should be taken seriously is the onslaught of liberal professors and administrators permeating our nation’s institutions of higher learning. Prof. Shortell is just the latest example of another social-Marist moving-up the university ladder.

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