Not Finding a Koran in Gitmo's Toilets, the NY Times Uncovers a Pro-Hitler Interrogator

Greeting readers of the New York Times on Memorial Day was the latest journalistic attempt to besmirch those Americans who are fighting the War on Terrorism every day, especially in the U.S. prisonswhere al-Qaeda and Taliban killers and would-be killers are being held. A May 30 story by Timesman Neil A. Lewis reports the unsurprising news that a growing stream of gringo lawyers are flying into the military detention center at Gitmo to hold the hands of terrorists and help lead them to a federal judge on the mainland who might set them free to go home–and make new plans to kill more innocent civilians.

In the 19th paragraph of his bleeding-heart report, however, Lewis can’t resist joining the ranks of those who still praise the thoroughly discredited and retracted gossip by Newsweek magazine accusing (with the help of anonymous "sources") U.S. interrogators at Guant???? ┬ínamo Base in Cuba of "flushing down the toilet" a copy of the Islamic holy Koran, in order to intimidate a prayerful prisoner. Writes Lewis:

"Some lawyers have said that interrogators at Guant???? ¡namo Bay have tried to discourage prisoners from trusting them [that is, the lawyers]. They have said that some inmates have been sharply questioned after their lawyers depart and that others have been told they should not trust lawyers who are Jewish." (Emphasis added.)

So now we have all the NY Times news that fits, and is calculated to induce fits: Those slack-jawed interrogators dispatched to the tropical hellhole of Gitmo by George W. Bush are not only haters of Muslims but lovers of Hitler! If you don’t believe Lewis, just ask all his unnamed sources.