Cuban-Americans Protest Santana Concert over Che Guevara Shirt

Millionaire rock and roller, Carlos Santana, was immensely proud of the elegant Che Guevara shirt he wore to the last Academy Awards. (For details see Che at the Oscars) But by wearing the face of a mass-murderer on his torso Mr Santana provoked nary a raised eyebrow, a snide comment, nor a peep of protest from the Mainstream Media.

Well, imagine Andy Garcia or Gloria Estefan wearing an elegantly embroidered Augusto  Pinochet (who killed far fewer than Che) T-shirt to the Oscars or Grammys. Imagine the squawking. The wearers would  NEVER hear the end of it. The chorus of vilification and outrage would run from the New York Times to the Los Angeles Times, from CNN to CBS, from Entertainment Tonight to NPR. Every politician from Maxine Waters to Chris Dodd, every celebrity from Ed Asner to Charlie Sheen,  every commentator from Bill Press to  Ted Koppel would be shrieking for their heads, or at least a public confession of these stars’ stupidity and insensitivity followed by a teary apology.  Even then, their careers would probably crash and burn.

Well– as usual– it looks like it’s up to Cuban-Americans,(you know: that absolutely insufferable "minority" who refuse to file meekly into the Liberal plantation like good little "Hispanics" with a nice little pat on the head by the Democratic National Committee) to protest another glorification of  the mass-murdering Che. And –as usual–to do it alone.

More specifically it’s up to the "Miami Mafia"(i.e. Cuban- Americans who refuse to recite the talking points on Castro/Cuba handed out by Hollywood/Mainstream Media/Democratic National Committee cabal) to put their time and labor into the task. So tonight  several Cuban-American organizations are planning to greet  Mr Santana during his concert at Miami’s American Airlines Arena with some stark evidence of  the gallant Che Guevara’s handiwork.

There’ll be no screaming and no shouting. Instead some demonstrators will hold candles. Others will carry crosses, (179 of them) bearing the names of  brave men who were murdered by firing squad without trial (lynched, if you will) by Mr Santana’s icon, Che Guevara.  Many, MANY more were murdered by Che and the system he set up. According to The Black Book Of Communism published by Harvard University Press (not exactly an outpost of the vast right-wing conspiracy) Castro and Che’s firing squads piled up from 16-18,000 corpses.

The message these generous folks will bring to the American Airlines Arena this Wednesday  should be unmistakable to all decent people, to all people of good will.  If Mr Santana was merely ignorant of Che’s murderous history, perhaps this will serve to enlighten him. If  instead he was thumbing his nose at the grieving families of Che’s victims…well, then  perhaps this demonstration will help educate others.


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