'Blissfully Unaware'?

The Washington Post’s Dana Milbank once again confirmed the paper’s liberal tilt in a story headlined, “On a Bicycle in Beltsville, Blissfully Unaware,” which ran May 12, a day after Washington received a scare when a small aircraft entered the no-fly zone surrounding the city. Bush, it turns out, had been riding his bicycle in a nearby Maryland suburb at the time the White House issued a red alert. “He was out at the Patuxent Wildlife Research Center in Beltsville, riding his bicycle–at noon on a Wednesday–blissfully unaware,” reported Milbank. “It was not the first time a crisis has focused uninvited attention on the Bush fitness routine.” White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan noted that Bush had just returned from a four-day trip to Europe. Milbank’s point, apparently, was that the President that morning should have anticipated that the misguided pilot of a small private plane that took off out of a small Pennsylvania airport was going to accidentally stray into Washington airspace.


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