Thatcher, Kirkpatrick Back Bolton

Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and Jeane Kirkpatrick, who served as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations during the Reagan Administration, both this week expressed their strong support for the confirmation of John R. Bolton as U.S. ambassador to the U.N. Bolton’s confirmation was held up two weeks ago when Sen. George Voinovich (R.-Ohio), who had failed to attend two hearings on the nomination, showed up at the meeting at which the Senate Foreign Relations Committee planned to vote on the question, and changed his mind about immediately voting for Bolton after listening to demagogic tirades by committee Democrats. The committee now plans to vote May 12 on whether to recommend Bolton’s confirmation to the full Senate. Voinovich’s vote, according to Republican sources, remains a question mark. Thatcher endorsed Bolton in a letter addressed directly to the nominee. Kirkpatrick sent a letter backing Bolton to HUMAN EVENTS Editor in Chief Tom Winter. “I am writing this letter in order to let you know how strongly I support your nomination as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations,” Thatcher wrote to Bolton on May 4. “On the basis of our years of friendship, I know from experience the great qualities you will bring to that demanding post.” “A capacity for straight talking rather than peddling half-truths is a strength and not a disadvantage in diplomacy,” wrote Thatcher. “Particularly in the case of a great power like America, it is essential that people know where you stand and assume that you mean what you say. With you at the UN, they will do both.” In her note to HUMAN EVENTS Editor in Chief Tom Winter, Kirkpatrick said she believes Bolton “will be an extraordinarily good representative of the United States to the United Nations. “It is job I know well, having held it nearly five years,” said Kirkpatrick. “Moreover, John Bolton’s office was only two doors down the hall from mine for several years at the American Enterprise Institute. So, I have had an unusually good opportunity to come to know Bolton’s views and values and to observe his effectiveness and see him interact with colleagues. He has been outstanding in all these respects.” “I have also heard him analyze problems (and solutions),” said Kirkpatrick. “He has outstanding intellectual skills and does outstanding work. I have no doubt that he will also do an outstanding job representing the U.S. at the UN.” “Tom, the former UN ambassador concluded, “I do not believe President Bush and his Administration should be denied the strength John Bolton can contribute to our country in this dangerous time.” Sen. Voinovich, are you listening?