NPR Apologizes to Mark Levin

National Public Radio has been caught in an anti-conservative smear and forced to apologize. On Tuesday, NPR issued a correction and apology to Mark Levin, author of the New York Times bestseller Men in Black: How the Supreme Court is Destroying America. According to Levin’s publisher, Regnery, a recent broadcast of NPR’s “Day to Day” program falsely accused Levin of advocating violence against judges. Yesterday’s NPR apology stated: “We have a correction [that] concerns a conversation we aired on April 5 about denunciations of the judiciary by certain conservatives in the wake of the Terry Schiavo case. After noting that a U.S. senator had explicitly linked violence against judges to judicial activism, we then turned to a critique of a book by Mark Levin, called Men in Black. We want to make clear that Mr. Levin’s book does not discuss either violence against judges or the Terry Schiavo case, and we regret any error or confusion that resulted from our story that day.” Mr. Levin responded by saying, “While I accept NPR’s apology and correction, its broadcast was illustrative of a smear campaign launched by the Left to try to silence my criticism of judicial activism. I continue to challenge those who support government by judiciary to debate this issue on the merits.” [Editor’s note: Regnery Publishing is a sister company of Human Events.]