Huffington E-Mail Claims 'Answer to Drudge' Will Be Balanced

Arianna Huffington wants people to believe that her new “answer to Drudge” website will be “fair and balanced.” And HUMAN EVENTS has received a copy of an email sent by Huffington herself, soliciting a contributor, in which she reveals the real leanings of her coming website. Arianna claims her “new Internet publishing venture” will be made up of “some of this country’s most creative minds” and that the site will be a balanced place in cyberspace for readers to get news and opinion from across the political spectrum. She claims that “[i]t won’t be left wing or right wing.” As you can see from the e-mail we obtained from Arianna, the list of contributors does not appear too balanced. She does, however, include a few token members of the Right, like Michael Medved, Tony Blankley, and David Frum.

* * *

—–Original Message—– From: ariannaXXXXXX To: XXXXXXXXXXXXX Sent: Xxx Apr XX Subject: Huffington Post Dear XXXXXXX, […] Together with my partner Ken Lerer, I am on the verge of launching a new Internet publishing venture called The Huffington Post. This site will combine a breaking news section, a section on the media called “Eat the Press†, and an innovative group blog where some of this country’s most creative minds will weigh in on topics great and small, political and cultural, important or just plain entertaining. Picture a nonstop, ever-changing group conversation with input from 100 of the most interesting people from the worlds of politics, entertainment, business, and publishing — a place where some of the best minds and most creative thinkers in America can inform, rant, provoke, comment on, and link to whatever strikes them as worth a look. A number of people have already agreed to become a part of our group blog, including Larry David, Tom Freston, Vernon Jordan, David Geffen, Nora Ephron, John Cusack, Michael Medved, Gary Hart, Mike Nichols, Rob Reiner, David Mamet, Arthur Schlesinger, Norman Lear, George Wolfe, Tony Blankley, Bill Maher, Jann Wenner, Dennis Prager, Laurie David, Cory Booker, Jim Wiatt, Haim Saban, Walter Cronkite, Albert Brooks, Paul Goldberger, Harry Evans, Liev Schreiber, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, David O. Russell, Barry Diller, Tavis Smiley, James Pinkerton, Ari Emanuel, Paul Reiser, Adam McKay, Brian Grazer, Mort Zuckerman, Brad Hall, David Frum, Prof. Alex Keyssar, Dr. Dean Ornish, and Sen. Jon Corzine. I’d love it if you would too. Especially because I want to make sure that the conversation reflects opinions from across the political and cultural spectrum. The blogging revolution has reached a tipping point. And here is a way to join the blogosphere dialogue and sound off on the ideas and stories fueling your passion or your outrage — without having to give up your day job. And the best part is you’re actually already doing the hardest work of a blogger: having interesting opinions and fresh takes on the hot stories of the day. We’ll just provide a megaphone for the thoughts you’re already thinking, the conversations you’re already having, the e-mails and instant messages you’re already exchanging with your friends. The idea is that the members of our blog will weigh in whenever the spirit moves them: when a news story makes you mad, when you see a movie or read a book that turns you on, or when you have a cause that you don’t think is getting the coverage it deserves. And we’re not just talking about politics — this blog will be about politics and entertainment and money and sports and religion. Anything and everything. You’ll be part of a collective endeavor that can enliven — and possibly even shift — the national conversation, while helping create a great place to go for insight and perspective, information and entertainment. All served up with what will become the Post’s signature attitude and bite. The Post’s guiding sensibility will be to go after the truth — wherever it takes us. It won’t be left wing or right wing. Indeed, it will punch holes in that very stale way of looking at the world. Rest assured, we’re going to make it as easy as possible for you to be a part of our group blog. We’re setting up a system wherein you’ll be able to e-mail or phone in your latest take, which our editorial team will fact-check and turn into a blog post. There will also be times when we e-mail you, asking for your take on a breaking story or issue that seems to be in your wheelhouse of interest or expertise. Picture the greatest Charlie Rose panel ever assembled — and we’ll be able to put it together instantly. Our plans call for us to launch the site in May. This is going to be a great adventure and I look forward to sharing it with you. Please email me back to let me know if we can count you in. Fondly, Arianna