Borders and Bedfellows:

The escalating congressional battle over immigration control is creating odd bedfellows. Some formerly stalwart Republicans are beginning to align themselves with liberals, while some ordinarily partisan Democrats are beginning to cooperate with conservatives.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D.-Calif.) joined Sen. John Cornyn (R.-Tex.) to co-sponsor a sense of the Senate resolution against considering an illegal-alien amnesty proposal by Sen. Larry Craig (R.-Id.) and Sen. Ted Kennedy (D.-Mass.) as part of the supplemental spending bill for U.S. activities in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Craig-Kennedy bill would allow illegal aliens who had worked in the agricultural industry for only 100 days to become permanent legal U.S. residents. Feinstein ferociously attacked it in a Senate floor speech. “Well, this is going–mark my words–to be a huge magnet,” she said. “…It could bring millions of people into this country. The workers, the spouses, their minor children are all permitted.”