'Moore' of the Same

What’s fat and white and still doesn’t know it’s all over? Michael Moore. Yes, the hairy, four-eyed, film-hustling freak has yet to accept the will of the American people and President Bush’s re-election. That’s right; “Shamoo with a camera” is still out there bashing America and the War on Terrorism. His latest attempt: promoting a global day of protest on the two-year anniversary of the Iraq invasion. This time Michael Moore is eating (I mean, teaming) with an organization called United for Peace and Justice. The global day of protest is set for Saturday, March 19th and calls for vigils, rallies, marches, supposedly nonviolent civil disobedience, and protests outside military bases and military recruitment offices. The goal, according to the United for Peace and Justice website, is to end the war, bring the troops home and rebuild our communities — whatever that means.

This is absurd! It’s ridiculous! It’s meaningless — a global day of protest? Don’t they understand? Americans don’t care what the rest of the world thinks. Remember that “Global Test” remark John Kerry made during the campaign? Yeah, I’m guessing that didn’t go over well with the American people since he lost!

What is Michael Moore thinking? Is he serious, or has the fat just consumed his brain? Does he really think President Bush is going to change his mind about the war? “Oh Laura, I don’t know about this whole war on terrorism thing. It was a hot topic during the campaign and even though I won and the American people support the war, I think I’m going to have to reconsider it now that Michael Moore and his cronies are holding a global day of protest.” I can just hear President Bush saying that, can’t you? And you’ve got to love the fact that a group called United for Peace and Justice is organizing this protest. I’m curious. Ending the war on terrorism would bring “justice” for whom exactly? Terrorists? Those who support terrorists? Whom?

Protesters plan to handout flyers on March 19th that detail “The Cost of Endless War.” The pamphlet reads, “1,450 US dead. 10,700 U.S. wounded. 100,000 Iraqis dead. $150 billion spent. 0 reasons to be there.” Isn’t it amazing what stats and figures didn’t make it onto these flyers?

Maybe the protesters were in a hurry to get their pamphlets printed, or maybe they just ran out of room on the flyer due to a laundry list of other facts they could have mentioned but didn’t. Fifty million people have been liberated between Afghanistan and Iraq. Three-quarters of al Qaeda’s known leaders and associates have been detained or killed. $140 million in terrorist assets have been blocked. $950 million dollars are now in Iraq’s Ministry of Health budget. Compare that to the less than $1 each Iraqi was given for heath care under Saddam’s regime. $32 billion of international aid has been pledged to rebuild the country. More Iraqi children are attending school. Small businesses are opening and creating new jobs. A free press now operates within Iraq. The country’s first free election was just held with overwhelming success. 14.3 million Iraqis registered to vote. 18,900 candidates registered for seats in the new Iraqi administration. A transitional government has been elected and a new Iraqi Constitution will be drafted.

Why aren’t these facts printed on the protesters’ flyers? Let me guess. It’s because these statistics come from the Bush Administration and can’t be trusted. Iraq is not the success Bush wants Americans to believe, and this global protest is going to let the truth be known. Unbelievable! Sixty-some-million Americans told Michael Moore to shut-up, voted to keep Bush in the White House, and wanted justice for the Iraqi people and the victims of 9/11.

If the loony left is serious about its upcoming protest and refuses to acknowledge our success in Iraq, I plead with them to make enough room on their protest flyers for just one small additional comment: “Moore” of the same — priceless!