FLASHBACK: August 27, 2003A New Commandment

[Editor’s Note: This article first appeared on August 27, 2003.]

Every day the nation is reminded of how much the Left wants to remove the subject of God from the American lexicon and, thereby, the American mindset. They support cries to remove the Ten Commandments from schools and courthouses, to strike “under God” from the Pledge of Allegiance, to erase “In God We Trust” from our currency, and to prevent Nativity scenes from appearing on court house lawns.

Anything that alludes to Judeo-Christian theology automatically receives the disdain of liberals. And few things point to the authority and history of the Judeo-Christian God like the Ten Commandments.

So, imagine what would happen if the country’s Leftists were left alone with the Ten Commandments.

  • Commandments 1-4:
  • Gone. These orders refer directly to God. No one should be permitted to declare who or when to worship: even God must adhere to the principle of the separation of church and state.

  • Commandment 5:
  • Honoring one’s parents ought to depend on how they deserve to be treated. A requirement to honor them at all times, regardless, seems rather harsh and very unfair. Number 5: gone.

  • Commandment 6:
  • The whole “don’t murder” thing is a good concept overall, but such an absolute statement about murder discounts any exceptions for those who feel oppressed or disenfranchised in American society. Were it not so stringent, it could stay, but, alas, it must go.

  • Commandment 7:
  • No adultery? Please. What happens behind closed doors and in one’s personal life is no one else’s business. Besides, who is God to legislate morality? This one’s no good — cross it off.

  • Commandment 8:
  • “You shall not steal” — again, another good concept, but taken too far. There are some people who have so much they should be forced to give to others. For example, it’s not fair that the rich in this country can afford to have better health care plans than poor or middle-class folk. Besides, how would the government receive funding? Erase this one.

  • Commandment 9:
  • Do not give false testimony — does that refer just to court cases? If so, it must go. There are times when lying under oath is something anyone would do, especially if it is over a personal matter, like sexual peccadilloes. Come to think of it, it shouldn’t matter if this commandment does refer only to court cases. There are times in life when bending the truth is the most beneficial way to go. Yes, this one needs to be removed.

  • Commandment 10:
  • Covetousness — how anyone could possibly label that as anything close to sinful is ridiculous. Such a passion for things of this world is perfectly normal. A commandment as silly as this one deserves to be stricken.

So, if liberals were to rid our culture of the Ten Commandments, the basis for our laws and guidance for at least a civilized society, on what would they base their view of law? What guiding principle, what one commandment could they create (after changing then erasing the originals) to provide at least a small foundation for a society sans the Ten Commandments?

Orwell was close:


The further left the liberals of America move, the closer they get to their Socialist ideal. And the closer they get to that ideal, the more they resemble those who have imposed Socialism in the past.


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