EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS:Franken??¢â???¬â???¢s Little Fit

Al Franken threw a little tizzy fit at CPAC.

The onlookers didn’t seem to phase Franken, who knew there were no TV cameras around, but he apparently didn’t realize a photojournalist, Carrie Devorah, had her trusty Nikon in hand (see pictures below).

On the other hand, perhaps Franken wouldn’t have cared either way.

Here’s the story: Franken made a gutsy cameo appearance at last weekend’s Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington. Talk-show host Michael Medved scheduled Franken for a 3 p.m. interview on Medved’s radio show, which was broadcasting from CPAC’s “radio row.” Separately, Unfit for Command co-author John O’Neill had been invited to “drop by” Medved’s show for an interview.

Trouble is, O’Neill showed up right when Medved was gearing up for the interview with Franken, and that’s when Franken threw his little fit.

After a reportedly heated exchange, Franken agreed to the interview, so long as he wasn’t on air with O’Neill. He got is way. The interview proceeded.