Sign Form 180:

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton wrote Sen. John Kerry (D.-Mass.) asking that he fulfill his promise and sign Defense Department Standard Form 180, which would authorize the Navy to release his military and medical records. Kerry promised to sign the form during a January 30 interview with NBC’s Tim Russert on “Meet the Press.” Kerry then reiterated his promise during a Boston Globe interview, and went on to say leaders of Swift Boat Veterans for Truth should also sign the form. “I want them to sign it, I want [Swift Boat veterans] John O’Neill, Roy Hoffmann, and what’s their names, the guys on the other boat,” Kerry said. “I want their records out there.” Even before Kerry made his demand, O’Neill had signed the form and provided a copy to HUMAN EVENTS. Kerry, on the other hand, has still to sign the 180 himself.


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