Filibuster Threat?

With President Bush prepared to renominate 20 judicial nominees who didn’t get votes in the last Congress, Reid issued his most pointed threat yet on the prospect of more filibusters. “If they bring back the same judges, we’re going to do the same thing,” he told reporters Tuesday.

With another fight looming–Frist said he would bring a nominee to the Senate floor this month–Reid said he was prepared to do everything he could to stop the GOP from implementing the “nuclear option” to change the Senate rule on filibusters. Meanwhile, President Bush made filibusters an issue in his State of the Union address. “As President, I have a constitutional responsibility to nominate men and women who understand the role of the courts in our democracy and are well qualified to serve on the bench, and I have done so,” said Bush. “The Constitution also gives the Senate a responsibility: Every judicial nominee deserves an up-or-down vote.”