Self-Preservation Demands: Time to Stop the Politically Correct Madness

It is possible that the binding and throat-slashing of an entire Christian family in Jersey City was a Koran-instructed “ritual murder” by American jihadists against someone who dared to express an opinion about the Koran unacceptable to home-grown Islamic cell-operatives here in New Jersey.

Hossan Armanious, a Coptic Christian, was threatened by participants in an internet chat room that if he continued to speak against Islamic practices: “We will hunt you down like a chicken and kill you.” Radical Islam has shown that they are going to do here to “infidels” what they do back home.

Unlike other communities, the tight-knit Islamic neighborhood in New Jersey will probably not cough-up the perpetrators, so the police will have to embark on a comprehensive search within the community to find the murderers.

If the past is any guide, groups such as the A.C.L.U., Human Rights Watch, and Center for Constitutional Rights may attempt to thwart these necessary police efforts by claiming it constitutes “racial profiling” and “group harassment.”

At every step in our battle to protect ourselves from jihadist terrorism these self-intoned “humanitarian” groups have done everything possible to block our efforts at protecting ourselves. Be it by railing against the Patriot Act, the war in Iraq, calling for the court-martial of our soldiers on the ground and charging them as war criminals, and setting up legal barriers to our interrogation of terrorist detainees in Guantanamo Bay, equating the present Iraqi administration with the regime of Saddam Hussein. They have been partially successful — even frightening the Bush administration — due to our fear of being labeled ” racist” or “indifferent to international and constitutional laws”. Their accusations are false and based entirely on interpretations they invent so as to stymie our anti-terrorism efforts.

These non-governmental, unelected ad hoc organizations are making it impossible for law-enforcement to uncover the murderous schemes the jihadists have planned against our citizenry. The upshot is that a handful of self-appointed “moral police” are now controlling the destiny of 300 million Americans and putting us more at risk.

One of the great themes of the Bible is to preserve life: “Therefore shall you choose life”. “Choosing” Life commends to the individual and society that significant measures be taken to protect citizens. The measures used thus far by our law-enforcement and military — even the highly publicized ones — fall far within the standards allowed under the rubric of self-defense and protection of life. Because of our timidity and lack of understanding of concrete verities, our society has allowed itself to be brainwashed into believing that ‘sensitivity” is a greater imperative than protecting life — even our own life.

Fanaticism is defined as being so attached and involved in one point as to be blind and indifferent to other countervailing needs and concerns. When will we, the American people, put a stop to this political-correct madness that values inane, warped liberal ideology over the physical survival of ourselves and children? When will we apprehend the Leftist ethos and agenda for what it truly is: national suicide. Who are these people that we need even listen to them?

What motivates these self-important, upper-middle-class “better than thou” fanatics?

It certainly is not a deeper attachment to compassion given their ruthlessly non-compassionate drive to punish as a war criminal a frightened U.S .soldier who in self-defense shot a Najaf terrorist probably playing possum. The “understanding of the mitigating circumstances” they for decades demanded for hard-core criminals and terrorists is not offered by them when dealing with embattled U.S. soldiers on the fields of hell.

It certainly is not rooted in a greater regard for international law in light of their silence regarding the Castro atrocities and those endemic to Moslem societies. Who can give credence to “legal” judgments that in the same press-release juxtaposes the non-approved antics of a few individuals at Abu Ghraib with the prolonged, deliberate wholesale torture and ethnic cleansing of 70,000 at Darfur.

By now it should be obvious that the “humanitarian” groups are driven by an inner anti-Americanism, one that dislikes its own country as now constituted. In life, we generally excuse and provide justification for that and those we love while being critical of those and that which we dislike. Being that in most circumstances — foreign and domestic — this crowd is always there to blame and criticize America first while defending and finding rationales for terrorist and criminals, it is obvious where their sentiments and identification lie.

There is an old Talmudic observation that states: “Those who show compassion to perpetrators of evil will display indifference and cruelty to good people deserving compassion.” It is not merely a misdirection of energy but, as the Talmud confirms, a reflection of a core attitude that feels revulsion to the wholesome and hence an attraction to evil.

Many in the anti-American “civil liberties” brigade are graduates of schools and privileged communities that have spent the last forty years characterizing America and its people as the world’s most racist, imperialistic, misogynist, and jingoistic. To a large extent, they have come to believe it! Thus their eagerness to impute unsavory “racist and illegal” motives to Americans wanting nothing more than to simply protect their children.

It is high-time Americans no longer be forced to “prove their innocence” to a group of people who themselves bear the sin of self-righteous bigotry against fellow citizens, let alone a sense of moral and intellectual superiority over we “cowboys”. Why should self-respecting Americans feel answerable to a clique who admire “enlightened” Europeans more than fellow Americans and see themselves first and foremost as cosmopolitan internationalists.

Those faddists in most other parts of their life have, as expected, joined the anti-America chorus which is the fashion and rage in today’s hot salons. Fortunately, most Americans prefer survival over avant garde acceptance. Truth be told, it is Peoria that is serious while Santa Monica remains frivolous, clinging to that sophomoric attitude that “Dissent” and “social activism” is virtuous only when directed at the Anglo-Saxon establishment — even when that establishment is trying to save your hide and that of your children.

The most foolish politically-correct assertion today is that if we do anything to terrorist detainees short of Club Med treatment or if we undertake procedures that CAIR (Council for American Islamic Relations) calls “offensive” then “we are no better than the terrorists”. To equate emotional trivialities with brutal beheadings or self-defense to ideological genocide shows how far liberal thinking has strayed from classic moral understanding. Its moral relativism is simply nouveau paganism.

For some, the greater the evils committed in the name of Islam, greater is the forbearance we are to show it. As the atrocities have become more barbaric, the more the demands that we not show anger — even though we have a right and duty to feel and show anger. The greater the impudence and disrespect toward our ways, the more preferential treatment we offer. What a deal for the Islamicist! All this because of some insecure emotional need not to appear “racist.”

Bottom line: We are becoming paralyzed to do that which self-preservation demands. We are afraid to do what is normal under these circumstances because of a social-identity sickness among the politically-correct who hold such sway in this country over what constitutes morality.

If we are to survive, we must first purge ourselves from this foolish yet destructive liberal political-correctness, as it is the rope being used to hang us. The first step is to ignore these groups, especially now that we know what are their true motivations.