Cuts Like a Kinife (or Scissors)

The Transportation Security Administration’s recent decision to once again allow certain sharp items to be carried by passengers on airlines has sparked concern from key senators, including Sen. Clinton.  

The TSA will now allow scissors with a cutting surface of four inches or less, as well as screwdrivers and other tools, as long as they are less than seven inches long, on flights.

But Hillary subsequently introduced a bill (S. 2083) to halt TSA’s policy shift, as it proposes to prevent TSA from removing any items from its prohibited list. While it is unclear whether her bill will come up for a vote anytime soon, her effort does have bipartisan support, and labor groups also oppose the TSA’s policy shift.

However, Hillary’s hopes of continuing the ban on small sharp objects on airplanes, put in the context of our war on terror, is still outweighed by her refusal to permanently extend key provisions of the Patriot Act.