Replacing Ridge:

Border Protection Commissioner Robert C. Bonner, a possible successor to Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge, made news last week with the announcement that his agency had arrested 23,502 people, many of whom were foreign nationals, using “biometric identification technology.” The Washington Times reported that in a three-month period, “agents identified and detained 84 homicide suspects, 37 kidnapping suspects, 151 sexual assault suspects, 212 robbery suspects, 1,238 suspects for assaults of other types, and 2,630 suspects implicated in dangerous narcotics-related charges.”

Bonner’s good news comes as the White House continues to search for a Homeland Security chief. Current Undersecretary Asa Hutchinson, rumored to be on Bush’s short list, has also indicated he might run for governor of Arkansas. Conservatives are hoping Bush will pick immigration enforcement hawk, but none have been floated as prospective candidates.