Thoughts and Questions on Anti-Christmas Pusillanimity

Every year Americans are subjected to the cries of the PC crowd that believes any sort of public celebration — or even cursory recognition — of Christmas is detrimental to our society. (For a great column on this topic from a Jewish perspective, check out Charles Krauthammer’s piece in Friday’s Washington Post.)

So without trying to sound like a “religious kook,” here are a few items I’d like to pose to the liberal, anti-Christmas Nazis:

  • Why is the word “holiday” OK, but “Christmas” isn’t? To what, do you suppose, do the first four letters of “HOLIday” refer? (Hint: It’s not a plant.)
  • What does “Season’s Greetings” mean? What “season” are you talking about?
  • Why is this considered “the most wonderful time of the year?”
  • Why is the menorah allowed in the public square but not the Nativity? (And don’t tell me, “Well, you get the Christmas — I mean — Holiday Tree, so you don’t need to see the Baby Jesus, shepherds, or those wise men.”)
  • Why is Kwanzaa given any validity?
  • When a child asks why all the pretty decorations, gifts, the jolly old elf, lights, wreathes, candy canes, trees, cr???? ¨ches, reindeer, Perry Como albums, and egg nog make their appearance every December, what do you tell him? Do you lie to him?
  • Or do you explain to that child why billions of people around the planet are in just a little better mood for the better part of a month, despite long lines at department stores and crowded parking lots?
  • Do you hear those carolers out in the street (yes, the ones smiling broadly, wearing the hats and scarves), well, do you find them offensive? How so? How would you rank their offensiveness with that of, say, flag-burning war protestors?
  • Are you one of those types who want to change all our history books to read “Before Common Era (BCE)” and “Common Era (CE)” instead of “Before Christ (BC)” and “Anno Domini (AD)” respectively? If so, are we still in the year 2004 CE/AD? What is significant about 2004?
  • Why differentiate between BCE and CE? What’s the significant event that caused earthly time to be split in half? If you’re really trying to purge Christ from history, why not go ahead and call this year 156,034,021 or whatever — no initials, no comment, no limits?
  • Do you initiate or participate in letter-writing campaigns to network television stations (the stewards of our public airwaves) to protest the airing of Christmas TV specials — you know, those really horrible, corrupting programs like “A Charlie Brown Christmas” or “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” or “Miracle on 34th Street” or “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” or “Frosty the Snowman” or Dickens’s “Christmas Carol”?
  • Do you think you’re ever going to overplay your hand with all your “political correctness” malarkey?