Is It True What They Say About Ann?

Recently the movie biz has taken the Conservative Movement by storm. In the last few months, conservatives released more than a dozen documentaries. Is It True What They Say About Ann? tackles the misconceptions and outright lies about author and columnist Ann Coulter.

I was particularly interested in seeing the film because I coordinated and attended many of the events from the documentary’s footage. Also included are interviews with critics of conservative ideas, including TV-host Bill Maher, pundit Susan Estrich and the lovable, and Democratic pollster Pat Caddell. Several protestors from Miss Coulter’s 2003 lecture at Johns Hopkins University were also interviewed. The moments that define her critics are when several of the protestors admit that they’ve never read her books or columns.

As a fan of Ann, it would have been great to see more credence given to her enormous popularity on college campuses. She is the Luce Policy Institute’s most popular campus speaker and we get calls every day from students eager to annoy their liberal professors.

Sponsoring a lecture by Ann Coulter is an attractive solution. It’s thrilling for the students because she is always willing to meet and talk to them until the last question is asked and the last book is signed??¢â???¬ ¦quot;things many of the other heavy hitters don’t do.

Patrick Wright, co-director of Is It True What They Say About Ann?, explained, “I think that we start with all the rhetoric and things that are said about Ann and then move in closer to what Ann is about.”

The documentary is successful in showing viewers Miss Coulter’s quick wit and delivery that is best witnessed in person. Her personality shines and no one can deny the obvious enjoyment she takes in ripping liberals to shreds and then celebrating with fellow conservatives afterwards.

Is It True What They Say About Ann? is available on DVD from for $19.95.

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