New Politically Incorrect History Book Out-Performs Coulter, Hannity, Swifties in Early Sales

The newest conservative blockbuster is not from Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, or Sean Hannity. Instead, it is a new American history book. And it is one of the fastest-selling titles in the Conservative Book Club’s 40-year history. The hottest item for conservative readers today is The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History by Thomas Woods, Jr., Ph.D. This new book has quickly broken records for sales in its first two days of promotions through the CBC website, “We knew the book would strike a nerve,” said Jeffrey Rubin, the Book Club’s editor-in-chief. “Conservatives are sick of the PC nonsense that fills textbooks and ‘scholarly’ history books–you know, the founding fathers were racist slaveholders, that kind of nonsense.” But the book’s initial sales took off more than a week before the CBC Bulletin featuring it was even in the mail, surprising even the editors at the Club. “I don’t remember any book, even bestsellers by really big names, taking off this fast–Ann Coulter’s Treason, Sean Hannity’s Deliver Us from Evil, and even the Swift Boat Veterans’ Unfit for Command. Those titles had huge publicity, but this history book seems to be selling itself.” Rubin explained that sales began soaring after Club members received a Christmas e-mail promotion on Tuesday, November 30, which included the new book. This history book pulls no punches in its efforts to debunk many PC myths, featuring such eye-catching chapter titles as “Yes, Communist Sympathizers Really Existed” and “How Big Business Made Americans Better Off.” The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History, published by Regnery, a Human Events sister company, is available now through the Human Events Book Service, Amazon, and bookstores nationwide.