Restart the Reagan Revolution

In 2001 the new Bush Administration was seen by most conservatives as a rebirth of the Reagan Revolution begun by my dad but left unfinished, with much to be done to get this nation back on the right track after years of floundering in a morass of socialist schemes and the accompanying fiscal irresponsibility.

It was a massive job, and Ronald Reagan went a long way towards getting it done and what he was able to do was invigorated by a majority of Americans, with both Republicans and Reagan Democrats firmly in his corner.

That was a big part of his legacy–the rebirth of America’s inborn conservatism. It helped carry the Reaganesque George W. Bush into the White House. Bush was my father’s natural heir, and he was expected to pick up the torch of the Reagan Revolution and carry it on.

The President tried hard but found himself facing a hostile Democrat contingent in the Senate that over the last four years made obstructionism its strategy and battle cry. The Reagan Revolution stalled.

Last Tuesday the Democrat’s paid the price when obstructionist-in-chief Tom Daschle went down to an ignominious defeat and the Republican majority swelled to the point where the President can now expect to push much of his agenda through. The Reagan Revolution can now move forward.

George Bush has won the election–for the next four years he doesn’t have to worry about being re-elected. It’s now time to start limiting government. It’s time to get back to fiscal responsibility and to do all the things Republicans are supposed to do: work for less government, fewer taxes, and implementing the ownership society. President has four years to streamline this country and make it run like a smooth engine.

If he does these things we won’t have to worry about Hillary becoming President in 2008. We can look forward to the next President being a Republican because Republicans were able to reform government and take those issues away from the Democrats in the future.

Here’s what the President must do:

  • He must get the deficit under control. It has to start coming down and he has four years to do it.
  • He should work with Congress to enact a line item veto that will survive judicial scrutiny so that the President can winnow out those budget-busting pork-barrel items Congress loves to pile on legislation.
  • The President has to convince Democrats in the Senate to allow his nominees to the federal bench an up-or-down vote on the floor of the Senate–an opportunity most of them have been denied.
  • Second only to fiscal responsibility is tort reform. Without tort reform we will not be able to bring corporations back home to America, or get health care costs under control. We are losing doctors left and right thanks to a torrent of malpractice lawsuits and outrageous jury awards which have escalated malpractice insurance rates to the point where physicians cannot afford them without raising their fees or just quitting their practices.
  • The regulatory burden on companies must be lifted to allow American industry to expand and not be outforced instead of outsourced. It is the outforcing of jobs and corporations that have created outsourcing. Together with tort reform this action can keep jobs and the companies that create them here at home.
  • Tax reform is a must. Our burdensome and absurd tax code must be junked and replaced with a sensible revenue-raising system that does not punish success as does the current tax system.
  • We must deal with the out-of-control crisis of illegal immigration.

    These are some of the things that will revive and advance the Reagan Revolution.