Special Feature: Carrying Out the MandateEnact School Choice, Cut Taxes, Improve Cultural Climate

[Editors Note: The editors of HUMAN EVENTS asked a group of well-known conservative leaders to outline what they believe the public policy priorities ought to be for the conservative movement following last week’s Republican election victory.]

PART 1: The Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute represents the majority of women in America who are hoping for more security and freedom in the future. While "security moms" is the new media catchphrase, the truth is that women have always been concerned about security for themselves and their families. After the terrorist attacks on September 11, physical security became a greater concern for men and women alike. The gender gap, which liberals love to celebrate, has always been more of a lifestyle gap, as it was with this election cycle too. The women of America are also the "moral moms" concerned with the cultural climate that affects their children. Women will always support those policies and leaders that promote a safer cultural and physical environment. The key policy initiatives women most want, centered on freedom and security in the future, are:

  • School choice for all children. When I discussed this with President Bush a few months ago, he thoroughly understood the benefits of the reform but, in the pre-election climate, thought it was difficult to implement. A federal tuition tax credit like the one supported by President Reagan in the 1980s is long overdue. Why shouldn’t a mother have the "right to choose" the schools that inform, nurture and educate her child for 12 years?
  • Continued tax cuts for families. Mothers should have the option to stay home with their children and not have to go to work to pay their family tax bills as most working mothers do.
  • Ability to choose their own doctors. The government already encroached on that decision far too much with rules regarding medical reimbursements. When Sen. Hillary Clinton (D.-N.Y.) led Congress to pass legislation mandating low prices for the flu vaccine, she created the current shortage of flu shots for women’s families.
  • Conforming Title IX to common sense. The ideologically rigid Title IX, which forces government to interfere with school sports programs, must be amended or interpreted more sensibly.
  • An end to racial preferences that divide students by race without any educational benefits whatsoever.
  • Recognition of traditional contributions of women to the U.S. military. The sexes should not be redefined as if men and women were androgynous. Only a liberal would think that 18-year-old single men and women sleeping side-by-side in tents and foxholes is a good idea. More:
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