Holy-Roller Dem Spies Drop By the RNC

A friend at the Republican National Committee sends along a humorous story about seven people–he calls them “the G-7”–who showed up at the Republican National Committee Headquarters in Washington, D.C., Friday and claimed to have driven up from Dallas to volunteer! They spoke to the security clerk but did not make it clear as to what group or cause they represented. One even said that the RNC chairman had requested him to come, but he could not remember his name.

“I was dispatched to take care of this gaggle, not having any of the above details,” the friend relates. “I met these seven people in the lobby. They represented themselves as religious people that prayed a lot for causes. They claimed that God had told them that Bush was his man and these people wanted to pray for our efforts. They were requesting from me information that they could place into their prayers to help our efforts.

“We asked if they were interested in going to Ohio and helping in our grass roots efforts. They said yes but also revealed a noticeable reluctance.” The RNC staffer decided to put them to work making calls.

“The G-7 agreed to do this work, but kept hinting that they really wanted to pray for us and would like some information from us that they could place in their prayers and thus work wonders for us. “As I talked to the G-7 I became suspicious as these folks kept prying for what they labeled ‘strategic’ information. I was indeed suspicious of the scribe among them who dutifully took notes on almost any reference I made to what we were doing at the RNC. As we talked, a few of the G-7 asked me what were our key efforts or focus. I kept responding that what we were doing was fully aired on the news networks, such as the key battleground state ‘get out the vote’ efforts. They responded that they had not been able to look at the news and were hoping that I could update them on what we were doing to help Bush win.

“One of the G-7 keyed in on a comment [a higher-up] had made about one of the battleground states as if he had made a revealing reference that they wanted more detail on.

“At one point, the G-7 asked if I had any special needs, and said that they wanted to pray for me now. Seeing no harm in that, I said ‘go for it.'”

But by this point, our friend had had enough of the G-7.

“I went downstairs and politely told them that our phone calling would be delayed and that they were welcome to stay out in our lobby for other volunteer actions. They decided then that they needed to move on and that they were going to begin their prayers for us. “I assisted them in leaving the building and I watched as they headed out of our doors and repaired to the nearest bar. What a dedicated group of folks!”