Kinsey Normalizes Promiscuity and Perversion

The forthcoming major studio production Kinsey is a pseudo-intellectual movie lionizing the work of Alfred C. Kinsey, the controversial sex researcher who launched the so-called Sexual Revolution. Kinsey was a secular humanist and anti-Christian bigot who used clearly prejudiced pseudo-scientific methods to revive a pagan, hedonistic worldview of sexual victimization and exploitation. Effectively, Kinsey’s work led legally and culturally to a normalization of sexual promiscuity, adultery, and a broad spectrum of dehumanizing sexually destructive conduct.

The movie begins by showing Kinsey’s father, a Methodist Sunday School teacher, speaking out against dancing and other behavior that leads to sex, including masturbation.

Eventually, much to the chagrin of his prudish father who wants him to become an engineer, Kinsey becomes a staid biology teacher at Indiana University, where he is famous for his studies of the behavior and sex life of the gall wasp. He falls in love with and marries Clara McMillen, or “Mac” as Kinsey calls her, one of his students. The couple discovers they have a sexual problem, however.

Kinsey is obviously upset that he and his wife, both of whom the movie presents as virgins, have had no human sex education. The students allegedly lobby for a marriage class, which perhaps Kinsey can teach.

The new university president, Herman Wells, agrees to let Kinsey teach the marriage course. One day, Kinsey discovers that one of his male students, Clyde Martin, needs a campus job. Kinsey hires Clyde to become a researcher, statistician and interviewer for a university research project Kinsey is beginning on human sexuality. With funding from the radical Rockefeller Foundation, the university agrees to hire a team for Kinsey to produce authoritative studies on human sexuality.

The university eagerly arranges to “respectfully” publish Kinsey’s volume on male sexuality in 1948. This causes quite a public stir because the volume recommends and claims there is widespread masturbation, adultery and use of prostitution among American males, even married ones. It also claims that many American males have bisexual and homosexual experiences.

The movie reveals Kinsey’s problem of getting funding to complete his female study.

Eventually, although Kinsey’s institute releases its female study, the movie claims that stress of the public controversy causes him to collapse at one point. In fact, there were other reasons for his failing health. Kinsey’s untimely death has been credited to “orchitis” a painful disease often resulting from trauma to the sexual organs.

Kinsey’s sexually archaic, anti-Christian efforts to return to pre-civilized states of promiscuity and perversion have influenced many people, including Hugh Hefner, the anti-Christian, hedonistic founder of Playboy and the pornographic revolution. Their efforts have devastated our society and our children by normalizing the conduct that has given us sexually transmitted diseases (including the killer AIDS virus), rampant teenage pregnancy, graphic depictions of sex and violence in the mass media, irresponsible sexual promiscuity, and urban poverty and violence created by promiscuous fathers and mothers.

In 1950, the number of illegitimate births in America was low among whites and blacks. Now, the rates have soared to about 28% among white women and 68% among African-American women.

Consequently, the health and welfare of our society has suffered tremendously from such things as wanton divorce, the breakdown of the family, anti-Christian bigotry undermining the Christian heritage of Western Civilization, increasing attempts to redefine marriage and family, and the murder of millions of unborn children, who are the future of our Judeo-Christian civilization.

Kinsey the movie is well acted and produced, if somewhat pedestrian in its narrative structure. Although the movie deals with his adultery and homosexuality and some of the promiscuity and unethical scientific methods of his institute, it dutifully hides Kinsey’s recruitment and reliance upon pedophiles, prostitutes, and prison populations in his study of sexuality, especially male sexuality and child sexuality. It also fails to mention that Kinsey’s scientific protocol included filming the sexual abuse of children, up to 24 hours at a time, timed with “a stop watch” as part of their alleged objective sexuality studies.

The movie also glosses over Kinsey’s materialistic, anti-Christian, pro-homosexual philosophy of the amoral, allegedly non-judgmental scientist. Apparently the writer and director, Bill Condon shares Kinsey’s materialistic, anti-Christian, and pro-homosexual worldview. Interestingly, although Kinsey preaches non-judgmentalism, he angrily complains about America’s “Puritan” culture. This, of course, is irrational. Finally, the movie contains graphic sexual content, references to perverse sexual practices, homosexual kissing, explicit male and female nudity, and very strong foul language.

In the final analysis, Kinsey is an abhorrent paganist movie that hides the societal advances that are traced to traditional Christian values, flaunts an institutionalized sacred sex worldview, and revises biography and scientific history to promulgate a backwardly archaic, politically ignorant, social, political and sexual immoral philosophy.