Sinclair Stands Tall:

When Sinclair Broadcasting, which operates 62 TV stations around the country, announced it was going to broadcast a pre-election news program featuring Stolen Honor: Wounds That Never Heal, a documentary about former POWs critical of John Kerry’s anti-Vietnam War activities, Democrats immediately filed complaints with the Federal Communications Commission and the Federal Election Commission.

What the Democrats–who want to stifle Sinclair’s freedom of speech–ignored is the fact that Sinclair’s program would provide free airtime to John Kerry himself–if only Kerry would agree to it. “We decided to produce a 60-minute program that is going to deal with specific allegations made by these Vietnam POWs. So far, nothing is scripted,” Sinclair VP Mark Hyman told Fox News. “. . . We’ve only invited one person to join us, that’s Sen. John Kerry.” Kerry seems to have no interest in answering the criticisms of men who were suffering in North Vietnamese prison camps when he was serving up lies to a U.S. Senate committee.