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Democrat's likely 2006 opponent won't cave to terror threats


GOP Rep. Kennedy Responds to Dayton’s Decision to Flee D.C.

Democrat’s likely 2006 opponent won’t cave to terror threats

Yesterday, Minnesota Democratic Sen. Mark Dayton closed his Capitol Hill office until Election Day. The reason he cited was a new, top-secret threat.

In response to Dayton’s high-tailing it out of the Capitol, Minnesota GOP Rep. Mark Kennedy issued this statement:

Statement by Rep. Kennedy’s Office on Washington, D.C. Security Situation

“Washington is currently on a heightened state of alert for potential terrorist attacks,” said Kennedy Chief of Staff Pat Shortridge. “However, Congressman Kennedy has not been made aware of any information in any of his recent classified briefings that would cause us to close our Congressional office or cause anyone coming to Washington for business or pleasure to cancel their trip.

“The Congressman believes very strongly that we cannot let the terrorists win by caving in to their threats. We must remain open for business.”

Kennedy likely will challenge Dayton for his Senate seat in 2006.

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