Harkin's Hatchet:

Even though CBS’s forged memos were the only documentary proof ever offered to back up the theory that President Bush disobeyed a direct order to take an Air National Guard flight physical in 1972, that has not stopped left-wing Sen. Tom Harkin (D.-Iowa) from continuing to make the claim. “Those documents–whether they’re true or not–there’s irrefutable facts,” Harkin told HUMAN EVENTS Assistant Editor David Freddoso. “He disobeyed a direct order to take the fight physical. Why did he disobey?” The White House has maintained Bush did not renew his flight status because he was transferring to another unit. Harkin, who called Bush a liar in a September 9 appearance, may not be the right person to serve as the Democratic hatchet man here: He used to claim (falsely, it turned out) that he flew combat missions in Vietnam.