Gore and God:

Remember the Al Gore who happily campaigned for President four years ago alongside a very religious vice presidential candidate, Sen. Joe Lieberman (D.-Conn.), who frequently quoted the Bible in his campaign appearances? Well, now Gore has an entirely different take on people–or President Bush, at least–who publicly express their religious faith.

Writing in a 12,804-word interview-based profile, New Yorker Editor David Remnick says Gore “clearly had disdain for Bush’s public kind of faith.” Said Gore: “It’s a particular kind of religiosity. It’s the American version of the same fundamentalist impulse that we see in Saudi Arabia, in Kashmir, in religions around the world: Hindu, Jewish, Christian, Muslim.” In the same interview, Gore inadvertently provided evidence of God’s existence when he said: “Basically, the answer is, I do not expect to ever be a candidate again. I really don’t.”