On John Kerry's Reckless Disregard for the Truth:

It’s typical of John Kerry not to address the charges leveled in the book Unfit for Command, some of which are also detailed in my book Reckless Disregard, and are in fact now on the public record. Kerry has confessed that he was not in Cambodia during Christmas 1968 – an incident that was allegedly “seared” into his memory and that he recounted repeatedly, including on the floor of the Senate. The Kerry campaign has now confessed that his was the one swift boat that fled the scene at the incident for which he was awarded his bronze star. And Kerry’s anti-Vietnam War testimony before the Senate stands full of proven falsehoods-detailed in its entirety in my book Reckless Disregard.

It tells you something that Kerry never responds directly to the fully documented charges of the Swift Boat veterans in Unfit for Command. He never offers an explanation for his previous untruths.

What he does instead is denounce his ‘band of brothers’ as liars, and call for Unfit for Command to be banned and withdrawn from book stores — perhaps the same way he’s tried to prevent anyone from finding his own anti-war travesty of a book The New Soldier.

The hypocrisy of Kerry’s supposed liberalism is unbelievable. George W. Bush has never called for the banning of the dozens of anti-Bush screeds or asked that Fahrenheit 9/11 be withdrawn from movie theaters. The problem for Kerry is that he can’t handle the truth.