Democratic Gov. Jim McGreevey of New Jersey, a married man with two children, announced last week he was a “gay American” and would be resigning from office as of November 15. Meanwhile, Golan Cipel, the Israeli national who McGreevey named his state’s homeland security director, and who McGreevey’s aides said the governor had had an affair with, told reporters through his lawyers he was not gay and that McGreevey had made unwanted advances on him.

If McGreevey is forced out of office before September 3, there will have to be a special election in November to determine his replacement as governor. But if he holds out until November 15 as he has announced, the governorship will be inherited upon his resignation by the State Senate President Richard Codey, a Democrat. Codey would then hold the seat until McGreevey’s term expired in January 2006.