ARCHIVE Hacked Yet Again on Swift Boat Book?

One day after the mainstream media ran an AP story slamming, Jerome Corsi, Ph.D., one of the co-authors of #1 bestselling Unfit for Command, someone at has oddly removed the primary author, John O’Neill, and listed the book as if Corsi were the sole author (link is to cached version). “There seems to be a pattern here,” stated Marji Ross, president of Regnery Publishing. “We are encouraging Amazon to find who is making these unauthorized changes. It really is quite disturbing to think that someone can modify Amazon’s information so easily.” This is the third such “unexplained” tampering in just three days. The first occurred when someone at Barnes & Noble’s site (, altered the name from Unfit for Command to Fit for Command, and changed the jacket photo from the published version to a very pro-Kerry, war-hero version, worthy of a John Wayne movie poster. The next alteration occurred at, where a derogatory quote about the Swift Boat vets by Sen. John McCain was prominently yet erroneously shown in the Amazon’s “Editorial Review” section The first two tamperings have been repaired. As of press time, had not yet corrected the erroneous author listing. Despite these and other direct attacks by liberal detractors to censor the veterans’ messages, Unfit for Command continues to be the #1 bestselling book on both and, and will undoubtedly be a New York Times bestseller once books hit bookstores over the coming days.


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