***BREAKING!!!***Now Kerry Supporters Invade Amazon

So it continues — the pro-Kerry crowd is getting more and more desperate. . .

Yesterday we found that the Barnes & Noble website carried an altered cover of the new anti-Kerry book Unfit for Command (Regnery, 2004 — a Human Events sister company), which included a new title, Fit for Command, and a new image.

Now it appears that someone at Amazon decided to get in on the act of attacking this new book — before it has been released.

On Amazon’s editorial review page of the book, a quote by GOP Sen. John McCain is listed as a review. The quote reads: “Dishonest and dishonorable… none of these individuals served on the boat (Kerry) commanded.”

What is truly disturbing about Amazon’s listing of the McCain quote in the review section is that the quote comes not from a review by Sen. McCain, but from a statement he made to the press. Sen. McCain has never read the book.

Regery Publishing President Marji Ross, reacting to the McCain “review” said, “This is unheard of. I’ve never seen an individual’s quote listed above a statement from the publisher — especially when the review is non-existent. Senator McCain has not read this book. I do not think it is physically possible for Senator McCain to even have a copy of this book.”