Michigan Blues:

In Michigan, conservatives managed to defeat themselves. Their votes were split five ways in a six-way primary, handing the nomination for the 7th Congressional District to the sixth candidate, liberal Republican Joe Schwarz.

Schwarz is pro-abortion, pro-gay-marriage, and anti-2nd Amendment. He took just 28% of the vote, but now is a shoo-in to replace conservative Rep. Nick Smith (R.) thanks to the district’s heavy Republican makeup. Smith’s son, Brad, placed second with 23%, after receiving help from the Club for Growth. The other candidates–Clark Bisbee, Gene DeRossett, Tim Walberg, and Paul DeWeese–were all conservative. Instead of backing Smith, Michigan Right-to-Life endorsed Bisbee, arguably the least conservative of the five losers, because Smith strongly opposed President Bush’s prescription drug entitlement.