Michael Reagan Replies:

Radio talk show host Michael Reagan, eldest son of President Reagan, had some choice things to say this week when his younger step brother Ron Reagan spoke at the Democratic National Convention in support of stem cell research that clones and kills human embryos. In an appearance on FOX News’s “Hannity and Colmes,” Mike Reagan was asked if he had talked to his younger brother about speaking for the Democrats. “Oh, I talked to Ron a little bit about it really before and during the week we spent together with my father and the funeral and all that,” said Michael. “My brother doesn’t like George Bush. He is the typical liberal. He hates George Bush. He thinks he stole the election in 2000. To quote my brother, to be honest with you, when I asked him if he would show up for [the home-porting ceremony for] the U.S.S. Ronald Reagan [in San Diego two weeks ago], he said to me, “To me, it’s a weapon of mass destruction, I’m a liberal and I don’t honor that.”