Bunny Suit Blues

Sen. John Kerry (D.-Mass.) suffered a public relations setback last week after he traveled to Cape Canaveral to tour Space Shuttle Discovery.

A NASA photographer snapped pictures, standard procedure for VIP visits. But when one photo—depicting Kerry emerging from the shuttle in a get-up resembling a bunny suit–ended up on the cover of the July 27 New York Post (as well as the front page of the Washington Times), the Kerry campaign went into orbit.

Their candidate, uh, didn’t look presidential.

Kerry spokeswoman Mary Beth Cahill claimed the Bush Administration leaked the photos.

NASA, however, said it gave the photos to the Kerry campaign to review before posting them to its website. The Kerry campaign then made matters worse by asking NASA to remove them. NASA lawyers initially concluded posting the photos might have violated the Hatch Act, which prohibits campaign activities on government property. But then they changed their minds and re-posted some of them Thursday night. To view them click here and search for “Kerry.”