On the Campaign Trail:Goldberg Whooped Up X-Rated Rant for Kerry

Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry spent the first week of July touring the Midwest saying he shared the region’s “conservative values.” On July 8, Sen. John Edwards of North Carolina, Kerry’s newly named running mate, said, “The American people are going to reject this tired, old, hateful, negative politics of the past.”

That night, Kerry and Edwards traveled to Radio City Music Hall in New York City to attend a fundraiser featuring Whoopi Goldberg and other left-wing entertainers. As reported by Deborah Orin of the New York Post, Goldberg “delivered an X-rated rant full of sexual innuendoes against President Bush. . . . Waving a bottle of wine, she fired off a stream of vulgar sexual wordplays on Bush’s name in a riff about female genitalia . . .” The New York Times reported that Goldberg’s monologue included “some spectacularly unsubtle Bush double entendres.”

At the end of the show, Kerry and Edwards lauded the whole performance. Kerry said that “every performer tonight . . . conveyed to you the heart and soul of our country.” Edwards declared: “This campaign will be a celebration of real American values.”


Other verbal gems from the Kerry/Edwards Radio City bash:

  • Actor Paul Newman: “I am a traitor to my class. I think that tax cuts to wealthy thugs like me are borderline criminal–I live very high off the hog.”
  • Actress Jessica Lange: “I’ll do everything that I can possibly do [to defeat Bush], short of selling my children.”
  • Rock singer John Mellencamp, in song lyrics: “[Bush] is just another cheap thug that sacrifices our young.”
  • Actress Meryl Streep: “I wondered to myself during shock and awe, I wondered which of the megaton bombs Jesus, our President’s personal savior, would have personally dropped on the sleeping families of Baghdad?”

    The fundraiser closed with Kerry playing guitar, leading a sing-along of Woody Guthrie’s leftist ballad “This Land is Your Land,” which Guthrie wrote as a rebuttal to “God Bless America.” The Kerry campaign refused to release a videotape of the event.


    Even for the Washington Post the reporting was a blatant display of liberal bias: When the paper’s latest poll showed President Bush gaining ground in the presidential race and in his handling of the war against terrorism, the Post buried the story on page A9 of its July 14 edition. When the Post‘s previous poll showed Bush losing ground in both areas, the Post ran the story on the front page of its June 22 edition.

    The Post‘s June 22 front-page headline: “Bush Loses Advantage in War on Terrorism.” The paper’s July 14 page A9 headline: “Bush Better Suited to Deal With Terror Threat, Poll Finds.”


    Kerry did not get a bounce from picking Edwards, according to the Post poll. In the poll completed June 20, Kerry led Bush, 48% to 46%. In the poll completed July 11, the Bush/Cheney ticket was tied with Kerry/Edwards, 46% to 46%. On the question of whether Bush or Kerry could be better trusted to handle the war against terrorism, Bush led Kerry, 51% to 42%. In the previous Post poll, 50% said they approved how Bush was handling the campaign against terrorism. In the latest poll, 55% said they approved.


    The USA Today/CNN/Gallup poll completed July 11 showed a different national trend. It had Kerry gaining over the last three weeks. The poll completed June 23, had put Bush ahead of Kerry nationally, 49% to 48%. The July poll put Kerry ahead of Bush, 50% to 46%. But the USA Today poll showed Edwards doing nothing for Kerry in the South or even in his home state of North Carolina. In both June and July, Kerry was at 44% in the South. In July, in North Carolina, Bush/Cheney led Kerry/Edwards, 56% to 41%.