Conservative Forum: Week of June 28

A Tearful Goodbye To President Reagan

There was no room for improvement in the beautiful eulogy delivered by our President. And what a tearful good-bye it was in California.

Back to reality the next morning as the Kerry hatchet men emerged from their week off, having plotted the talking points and spin for the weeks to come. One smirking rented suit said Bush was no Ronald Reagan because Reagan built coalitions to defeat one country, and Bush is going it alone against terror.

Where do you begin with that one? Can you think of anyone who would have agreed more with Bush than Ronald Reagan when Bush said the United States does not need a permission slip to protect our national security? Do you remember when Reagan bombed downtown Tripoli and could not even get our “traditional ally” France to let us fly over the country that absorbed so much of our sons’ blood in two world wars?

Perhaps most galling about the remark was that John Fonda Kerry and his fellow liberal Democrats opposed Reagan every step of the way, whether it was aid to the freedom fighters in Nicaragua to stop the spread of communism in Central America or putting intermediate range missiles in western Europe or the Strategic Defense Initiative or building new weapons systems or increasing pay for the servicemen on food stamps. Reagan did not even have a coalition at home. But Bush does have a coalition. Think of the diplomacy to get Pakistan and Uzbekistan to let us preposition our troops for the liberation of Afghanistan. We have 37 countries in Iraq. Name a great country not in Iraq. He got Japan to deploy troops for the first time since the Missouri sat in Tokyo bay. The Philippines is helping us tremendously in the war on terror, a country that threw us out of Subic Bay a few years back.

The Left is the embodiment of deceit and their perception of the masses, as the Left calls individuals, is that we are ignorant. I just wish Reagan were running against the flip-flopper-hip-hopper so we could win just one more for the Gipper.

–John M. McGarry
Glencoe, Ill.

Applauds Liberal Reader’s Honesty

It is ironic that Ms. Benson, an avid liberal reader of, unwittingly and unintentionally displayed the basic differences between conservatives and liberals in responding to support for Rep. Toomey.

She calls it “practical” to oppose Toomey since it could lead to the Republicans losing the general election. Conservatives strive to govern and lead, not win elections. This is what fundamentally separates the liberals from the conservatives. The “practical” reason for choosing a candidate is his or her ability to represent, govern, and lead not simply to win or keep a House or Senate seat or the White House.

However, I do applaud her ideological honesty.

–J. Riley
Manassas, Va.

Remove Specter From Judiciary Committee

I have been receiving and reading HUMAN EVENTS for about nine years and have very much enjoyed the consistent conservative stand that your paper has taken on issue after issue, keep up the good work.

I believe that the conservative movement has to finally draw a line in the sand because of the actions of some conservative Republican senators with their actively campaigning for the re-election of Arlen Specter to the Senate.

As a result of their action we now face a horrible future with the inevitable move of Arlen Specter to take over the chairmanship of the Senate Judiciary Committee having been reelected and if the Republican Party maintains control of the Senate after the election. If Arlen Specter becomes the Chairman of the Judiciary Committee we can kiss the future good-bye.

Does anyone think that he will ever allow a conservative nominee to the Supreme Court to ever pass out of committee to receive an up or down vote in the full Senate? This is obvious from his past actions on the Judiciary Committee (remember Robert Bork)?

It is time that conservatives stand up to the Republican leadership in the Senate and insist that Arlen Specter step down, not only from taking over the Chairmanship of the Judiciary Committee but step down from the Judiciary Committee completely. As a face-saver they can get him to accept the upcoming chairmanship of another committee. I would much rather him spending our money foolishly rather than irresponsibly deciding the future of Supreme Court nominees.

The Republican Party and the Republican leadership should wake up to this reality before it is too late. What good has it done to have control of both houses of Congress and the presidency and yet the Democrats still control the agenda in the Senate Judiciary Committee? The message is for Sen. Frist (R.-Tenn.), take Arlen Specter off the Judiciary Committee and force the vote on nominees.

–Don Archibald
Manhattan Beach, Calif.