Controversy Over L.A. Times Poll:

Many were stunned to see the results of a June 10 Los Angeles Times poll that showed John Kerry leading President Bush 51 percent to 44 percent. The Washington Times reported today on the response to this apparently skewed poll.

Bush campaign strategist, Matthew Dowd told ABC News, “Be very careful in reporting the Los Angeles Times poll. It is a mess. Bush is leading independents by three, ahead among Republicans by a larger margin than Kerry is ahead among Dems, and we are down by seven? Outrageous.”

In a statement yesterday, Times polling director Susan Pinkus said that those polled were “38 percent Democratic, 25 percent Republican and 24 percent independent.”

According to the Washington Times, Republican pollster David Winston called this 13-point gap “a huge and unheard-of margin. It would usually be more like three or four points, with the Republicans falling in around 35 percent of the respondents.”