Barrage of Anti-Bush Documentaries on Deck:

Michael Moore isn’t the only filmmaker using the big screen to attack Bush before the election. Tuesday’s Los Angeles Times reported that nearly a dozen other similarly themed films are being rushed to completion. Some of the political documentaries to come include:

Control Room, a friendly portrayal of Al Jazeera reporters covering the Iraq war (they were later reported to be paid agents of the former Iraqi regime); Uncovered: The War on Iraq, a critique of the administration’s flawed case for war (a shorter version was financed and publicized in part by; Bush’s Brain, an unflattering portrait of Bush advisor Karl Rove; and Inside the Bubble, a sympathetic look at the Kerry presidential campaign.

Moore’s film, in particular, displays an overt anti-Bush stance. San Francisco film historian David Thomson told the Times: “Michael Moore has really made a ‘don’t vote for George Bush’ film. That’s propaganda.”