Reagan Tribute ExclusiveKirkpatrick: A Steady and Strong Policy

From Jeane Kirkpatrick:

In New York, at the United Nations, some people tried to suggest that the liberation of Grenada orchestrated by Ronald Reagan was the moral equivalent of the invasion of Afghanistan. We asked them: Where were the grateful Afghans lining the streets of Kabul shouting, “God Bless Andropov?”

The Grenadians knew the difference. So did the American people.

We know the difference, too, between a foreign policy that is based on appeasement and recklessness and a foreign policy that is steady and strong.

We know that President Reagan gave us a strong, steady policy that paved the way for a renaissance of freedom in the United States and in the world.

And let us be clear: In giving this nation strong, steady leadership, Reagan was Reagan.

–Dr. Kirkpatrick, who thrilled the
1984 Republican National Convention
when she skewered the
“San Francisco Democrats,”
was the U.S. ambassador
to the U.N. during
the first Reagan Administration.