On Wisconsin:

In 2000, Al Gore beat George Bush by a mere 6,099 votes in Wisconsin, taking the state’s 11 electoral votes. In 2004, Wisconsin will have only 10 electoral votes. But it looks unlikely John Kerry will be able to replicate Gore’s narrow victory.

A Badger Poll of 511 adults (+/- 4.4%), conducted April 20-28 by the University of Wisconsin Survey Center, showed Bush easily beating Kerry in the state, 50% to 38%. On the question of who would do a better job protecting America from terrorism, Bush beat Kerry, 56% to 11%; on who would do a better job improving the economy, Bush beat Kerry 36% to 30%; and on who could be counted on to keep campaign promises, Bush beat Kerry, 32% to 17%. Look’s like Kerry could be headed down and out in Middle America.