Pennsylvania's Republican Menu

On April 27, the GOP voters of the Keystone State have a very significant choice to make.

Will they continue to be represented by someone who calls himself a Republican, but then votes along the Democratic Party lines?

Or will they decide that it is time to nominate a candidate who actually believes the same things they do and will vote that way all the time rather than just year before reelection?

The nomination fight between the liberal Republican Sen. Arlen Specter and conservative Rep. Pat Toomey is that choice. Specter represents the Democratic wing of the Senate Republicans, while Toomey, who term-limited himself, appeals to the national base of the GOP.

Here’s the menu for Pennsylvania Republicans:

Who Would You Choose?
  • Pro-Life, backed by National Right to Life
  • Pro-Abortion, backed by NARAL
  • Voted against taxpayer funding of abortion
  • Voted for taxpayer funding of abortion
  • Voted to ban all human cloning
  • Co-sponsor of a bill to allow ‘experimental human’ cloning
  • Voted for all of President Bush’s tax cuts
  • Voted to obstruct and reduce the Bush tax cut of 2001
  • Never voted for a tax hike
  • Voted for five major tax hikes
  • Supports tort reform
  • Opposes tort reform
  • Opposes International Criminal Court
  • Supports subjecting U.S. soldiers to International Criminal Court
  • Supported Clinton’s impeachment
  • Voted against Clinton’s impeachment
  • Supports the Boy Scouts
  • Voted to let public schools ban Boy Scouts
  • Supports school choice
  • Opposes School Choice