Ruff Times for Kansas Dems:

Kansas has not sent a Democrat to the Senate in 72 years, and it may already be 76 thanks to the March 24 withdrawal of presumptive Democratic nominee Joan Ruff from the race to unseat conservative Sen. Sam Brownback (R.-Kan.). Ruff dropped out without even warning Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius (D.), leaving Kansas Democrats without a candidate as the June filing deadline approaches. Brownback could become the second Republican Kansas senator in as many years to run unopposed for re-election.

On the very day of Ruff’s withdrawal from the race, infamous radio talk-show host Howard Stern, an avid hater of Brownback for his outspokenness on issues of decency on the public airwaves, urged his cult-like radio following to donate money to her campaign. Brownback has made a concerted effort to purge Stern from the air due to his indecent broadcasts and has written letters to Viacom’s president. Sen. Michael Crapo (R.-Idaho) is already running unopposed this year, since the only Democratic candidate failed by minutes to meet the filing deadline.